Submitting product information

Submitting product information to Lehtipiste for distribution and outlet coverage planning.

For single-copy distribution, we require product essentials: name, price, publication frequency and release schedule. For outlet coverage planning, we require a brief product description, information on target group and marketing support, and the tentative cover image. After this, the planning process starts.

The information is stored in our ERP system which distributes the information to the systems of various grocery groups, including Kesko’s Synkka product information system. Next, the product is submitted for retail chain approval, and store coverage and required order quantity are determined based on this approval. The final cover should be submitted to us as soon as possible before the release date. If the publisher fails to provide a cover, it is scanned when the copies arrive at our warehouse.

The order date for an issue is based on the product’s on-sale date and the preorder cutoff provided by the publisher. A daily distribution schedule and placement for each product in the picking process are planned at the Lehtipiste dispatch centre. The schedule and placement are based on product on-sale dates. The on-sale date also determines the week of return. The maximum on-sale period is eight weeks for magazines and 12 weeks for books (excl. paperbacks and crosswords). For other products, the on-sale period is agreed separately.

Publishers are required to submit release schedules each year. For Finnish titles, publishers should provide price information in addition to the release schedule. For foreign newspapers, magazines, books and other products, the publisher should provide information on the bar code and on any changes to it.

Information on changes to products or upcoming non-regular issues must be provided to Lehtipiste well in advance.


Do you want us to distribute your magazine, newspaper, book or other product? Submit a request for contact here.

Product's path in single-copy distribution

1. Publisher submits product information to Lehtipiste.

2. Distribution agreement made between Lehtipiste and publisher.

3. Retail chain approval and determining store coverage.

4. Lehtipiste submits a purchase order for the product.

5. Publisher delivers the product to Lehtipiste’s dispatch centre at the scheduled time.

6. For magazines, the delivery date to the store, i.e. the on-sale date, is the day after picking date.

7. The store keeps the product on sale for its specified period.

8. Any unsold copies are returned to Lehtipiste.

9. Once the returns period has passed, publisher payments are settled for copies sold.

10. Working out the return and storage of products received as standalone returns with the publisher.

Product's cover information | primary packaging information

Product information, i.e. cover information, that is labelled on the product varies by product group. Product information is either printed or labelled with a stick-on label. The required product information and the labelling method are agreed separately for each product as they are introduced to the selection. It is important that the product information labelled on the product, including the price, are correct, so that retail POS systems can identify the price and stores can proceed to sell the product to customers. The publisher is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information. Information is always reviewed at the dispatch centre once a product arrives. Errors cause delays in distribution as well as additional costs to the publisher, due to e.g. the need to label products with stick-on labels.


EAN bar code

EAN code is a bar code with 13 digits and an add-on section for identifying each issue.

Newspapers and magazines: Lehtipiste assigns Finnish newspapers and magazines a bar code that includes Lehtipiste’s product ID. For foreign publications, publishers determine the bar codes. Bar code information for foreign publications should be submitted to Lehtipiste when the product is introduced to Lehtipiste’s selection. If the bar code changes, Lehtipiste should be notified of the changes well before the publication arrives in Finland.

Books: In books, the bar code is based on each book’s unique ISBN identifier, rendering the bar code add-on section unnecessary. Bar code information for new products should be submitted to Lehtipiste when the product is introduced to Lehtipiste’s selection.

Collectibles: For collectibles, bar codes are determined by the publisher.


Publisher determines the price for each product. Copies are labelled with consumer price, VAT included.


Product ID

Lehtipiste assigns each distributed product a six-digit product ID, followed by a series of numbers. Example: 123456-2201.


Week of return

Product’s cover/primary packaging is required to display the week of return. The week of returns is displayed above the EAN code. Example of week of return labelling: PAL. VKO 2022-48 (Week of return 2022-48). The store is entitled to return any unsold products for two weeks following the week of return. In the above example, returns are still accepted on week 50 but not after that. Exceptions include newspapers, collectibles, maps and pocketbooks which typically do not display the week of return.


Standalone return label

The cover/primary packaging of a print product should feature the phrase ‘ERILLISPALAUTUS’ (Standalone return), if the agreement requires that any returned copies are picked up for return to publisher.

While labelling the secondary packaging is a minimum requirement for collectibles, labelling the primary packaging instructs the retailer to return the product as a standalone return, helping improve the recovery percentage.