A national selection management and distribution company, Lehtipiste distributes over 1,200 magazines and 200 newspapers, along with books, calendars, maps, collectibles and other current items.



A national service company, we are partnered with about 300 publishers and suppliers in Finland and abroad. We distribute our partners’ products to stores, manage outlet-specific selections and act as the link between stores and suppliers. Our selection includes single-copy newspapers and magazines, books, various collectibles, and other products.

In addition to our varied selection, our nationwide logistics network, professional personnel and modern-day IT system help provide a topical and commercially interesting product offering for consumers across Finland. Through our distribution network, we deliver products to about 3,800 outlets early in the morning, six days a week.

We provide stores with products that match the customer structure and demand at each outlet. Magazines, books, collectibles and other products are centrally distributed from our Koivuvaara logistics centre. Newspapers are delivered to outlets directly from the presses. And of course we pick up any unsold items and recycle them responsibly.

Corporate responsibility is an integral part of our company’s strategy choices. Lehtipiste’s corporate responsibility efforts are focused on actions designed to reduce the company’s transportation carbon footprint. We also make efforts to reduce plastics, increase our recycling and make progress in our social and economic responsibility. For more about our corporate responsibility, see here.

Lehtipiste is owned by Tradeka-Yhtiöt Oy. Pakettipiste, an e-commerce logistics and B2B transport solutions service company, operates as part of Lehtipiste. For more about Pakettipiste, see here.

The history of Lehtipiste


The history of Lehtipiste goes all the way back to 1910 when Rautatiekirjakauppa Oy was established to distribute and sell newspapers and magazines at railway stations. The company later changed its name to Rautakirja Oy.

The first venues with license to sell newspapers, periodicals and literature in Finland were located at railway stations. This grew to include shopkeepers and retailers in the 1920s. The name Lehtipiste was registered in 1969 with magazine distribution becoming its own line of business within the Rautakirja organisation.

And even now, after over a hundred years, providing experiences and information to people’s varying needs is at the core of what we do.

Our story


We have been connecting people and their desire to read for over a hundred years. Words and images, bringing entertainment, information and insight, have always served the same purpose: to provide a time-out from life’s constant forward momentum.

We all have different needs. Some are looking for a short diversion, others for information. Some want to be engaged, unwind, or spend quality ‘me’ time. And now the digital realm has laid its claim for our attention. But even in this day and age, the printed page thrives. We are still people in motion. People who read stories and live the moment. The pace is picking up but the printed page remains. Lehtipiste is there when you need a moment to pause.

Lehtipiste – break for a story.