Lehtipiste Group

Lehtipiste Group


Lehtipiste is a diversified group owned by Tradeka-Yhtiöt Oy. Janne Mansukoski serves as the Managing Director, and the headquarters are located in Koivuvaara, Vantaa. Part of the group, Suomen Korttipiste Oy and Putinki Oy operate in the greeting card segment, and a wholesale company Hanart Oy imports products for arts and crafting. In 2023, Lehtipiste Group reported revenue of 94.3 million euros, and the current number of group employees, including all subsidiaries, totals approximately 200.

Lehtipiste Group’s vision is to become the most efficient distribution company in Finland and a responsible, preferred partner. While helping ensure the viability of print media, we are looking for growth in other industries in accordance with our strategy, including greeting card, packaging, transport, and parcel businesses. Lehtipiste’s business is divided in three business units: magazine, greeting card and parcel business.

Our national distribution network delivers single-issue copies, collectibles, paperbacks and maps early in the morning to about 3,800 outlets. Our clientele includes several Finnish and international publishers and suppliers. In recent years, we have invested heavily in parcel deliveries, building a growing parcel point network under the Pakettipiste brand. Pakettipiste has focused on, for instance, online store deliveries and on time-critical transports for automotive and healthcare industries.

The greeting card companies in our group are Finnish leaders in communicating emotion and feelings. Suomen Korttipiste Oy is a significant operator in the greeting card and gift product market, and products under their classic Karto and Paletti brands are available at almost 4,000 outlets. Putinki Oy, operating in the paper and gift product segment, brings delight and inspiration to people’s lives with their insightful design concepts. And a wholesale company, Hanart Oy which imports well-known high-quality brand name products for arts, crafts and interior design.

Our values

Customer orientation is key to developing our customer experience and exceeding expectations. For us, customer orientation means that we are there for our customers and help them succeed. We focus on building cooperation and long-term partnerships.

For us, corporate responsibility is part of our daily business and of the way we operate. We conduct profitable business, invest in growth and provide livelihoods. We take the environment and sustainable development into consideration in our decision-making.

For us, open-mindedness means that we are forward-looking and make bold decisions. We are creative and value diversity.

And naturally, the ability to learn is an essential part of our day-to-day lives. We strive for excellence in everything we do and constantly develop our people, our processes and our procedures. We learn from our mistakes.

Corporate responsibility


Corporate responsibility plays a key role in all Lehtipiste’s business operations. We take the environment and sustainable development into consideration in all our decision-making. We are committed to reaching carbon neutrality in our own operations by 2030.

The UN Global Compact commitment and the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement guide our corporate responsibility efforts through corporate governance. Our corporate responsibility efforts are goal-oriented and measurable and the results are monitored on a yearly basis. Lehtipiste is included in Tradeka Cooperative’s Corporate Responsibility Report (in Finnish) where you can review our results and the progress we have made towards our goals. For more about our corporate responsibility, see here.



Lehtipiste Oy is owned by Tradeka-Yhtiöt Oy. Established in 2014, Tradeka-Yhtiöt Oy is responsible for the corporate governance of Tradeka Cooperative’s business operations.

Originally operating in the trade of daily consumer goods, Tradeka Cooperative was established 1917. Profitability, expertise and consistency, long-term outlook, and responsibility are the guiding principles in Tradeka-Yhtiöt Oy’s corporate governance.

In addition to Lehtipiste, the company owns Restel Oy (restaurant business), Med Group Oy (social and health care services), A-Katsastus Group (vehicle inspection and registration services) and Tradeka-sijoitus Oy (investment activities). The Group reported a turnover of 553.7 million euros in 2023. See more at the Tradeka website.



A network of logistics services and parcel points, Pakettipiste delivers parcels from business clients to recipients across Finland.

Pakettipiste is focused on providing time-critical and fast delivery services, particularly for online stores and automotive and healthcare industries. In logistics services, Pakettipiste has over 7,000 scheduled daily recipients.

The first shared Pakettipiste parcel point opened in 2018. Since then, the growing network of parcel points has expanded to include over 200 locations and 700 points. In 2023, five million parcels were delivered through Pakettipiste’s parcel points. At the parcel points of Finland’s largest shared parcel point network, customers can pick up parcels delivered by Pakettipiste, Matkahuolto, PostNord, DHL Express, DB Schenker, FedEx and GLS.

See more about Pakettipiste at www.pakettipiste.fi/en


Suomen Korttipiste Oy


A leader in Finland in communicating feelings and emotion, Suomen Korttipiste Oy is the number one operator in the Finnish greeting card and gift product market. Suomen Korttipiste Oy was born when Karto Oy and Paletti Oy merged in 2023. With both Paletti and Karto continuing as brands within Suomen Korttipiste, the new company has over 150 years’ worth of competence in the greeting card industry.

The Paletti and Karto product ranges are built for Finnish consumers who value high quality, aesthetics, capacity for reinvention, sustainable values, diversity and life in all its varieties. The products are available at almost 4,000 outlets. Furthermore, online stores for greeting cards and gifts & crafts serve both consumers and business customers.

Suomen Korttipiste Oy is known for its cooperation with several Finnish partners and charities, and for its long-term licensing partnership with Hallmark Cards, the global market leader. The charitable contributions from Paletti and Karto greeting card and calendar products are a significant source of income for the organisations, amounting to 443,000 euros in 2023. In the annual Christmas card charity event, people across Finland are encouraged to write Season’s Greetings to those in assisted living facilities or under home care services.

See more about Korttipiste at korttipiste.fi and korttikauppa.fi

Putinki Oy


Putinki’s story began at the Hakaniemi market hall in 1973. Over the years, they have grown into an employer of twenty in the paper and gift product segment, serving both consumers and retailers alike. Their mission remains the same: to bring delight and inspiration to people’s lives with insightful design concepts.

In Putinki’s own production, other important values include Finnish design and keeping manufacturing as close to home as possible. Putinki’s own greeting cards are manufactured locally in Helsinki, while Putinki’s own calendars and notebooks are manufactured by select partners in Tallinn, Estonia. Putinki is pleased to have the opportunity to work with many talented Finnish illustrators and companies. In addition to their own production, Putinki imports high-quality paper products and represents several well-known brands in Finland. Three physical stores and an online store serve our consumer customers.

See more at the Putinki website putinki.fi/en

Hanart Oy


Hanart Oy, a Finnish wholesale company, imports high-quality brands for arts, crafts as well as interior design. Since 1978 the main principles of Hanart have been efficient and friendly way to co-operate with all the partners. The aim is to find the perfect product and solution for all partners.

A wide network of retailers spread across Finland makes sure that the quality products imported by Hanart are available for the consumers. The product range consists of approximately 9000 products, among them numerous well-known international brands such as Winsor & Newton, Canson, Derwent and many more. The heart of the company – office and warehouse – are in Järvenpää, just over 35 minutes’ drive from Helsinki.

See more at the Hanart website hanart.fi