With sustainability playing an essential role in all Lehtipiste business operations, the environment and sustainable development are taken into account in all our decision-making.

Sustainability at Lehtipiste


Corporate responsibility plays an essential role in all Lehtipiste business operations. We take the environment and sustainable development into consideration in all our decision-making. In terms of our own operations, our goal is to reach carbon neutrality by 2030.

To achieve our goals, we have prepared a concrete and frequently updated roadmap to carbon neutrality. Transport is the single largest contributor to our carbon footprint, and this is why we work actively to reduce the impact of our transport operations.

Personnel wellbeing is an essential part of our corporate responsibility efforts. Listening to our employees, taking care of occupational safety, our personnel benefits, and comfortable working environment are essential to creating and maintaining personnel wellbeing.

Our steadfast goal is to conduct profitable business while also investing in growth. This is how we secure our ability to provide livelihoods in the future.

Our operations are ethically sustainable, and this is why we have prepared shared ethical guidelines that apply to us all. With the help of a whistleblowing channel¬†available at our owner company Tradeka’s website, you can provide feedback on conduct at Lehtipiste or at any of its subsidiaries that you think might violate Lehtipiste’s ethical principles.

We annually report our corporate responsibility goals and achievements in our owner company Tradeka’s comprehensive corporate responsibility report (in Finnish). Likewise, we require measurable corporate responsibility from our partners.

Our responsibility goals


Environmental responsibility
  • Carbon neutrality in our own operations by 2030 (scope 1 and 2).
  • Our reduced indirect (transport) carbon footprint relative to revenue needs to be calculated when compared to previous year.
  • We have a reduced carbon footprint from direct emissions (own materials) when compared to previous year.


Social responsibility
  • To provide a safe, equal and non-discriminating workplace for our entire personnel.
  • To hold all of our partners to that same standard.


Corporate responsibility
  • To conduct profitable business and, consequently, secure jobs.
  • No corruption or bribery in any of our operations.

In accordance with the Global Compact initiative, Lehtipiste has selected goals that it specifically advances in its operations. The goals have been chosen out of the 17 sustainable development goals UN has set. The five selected sustainable development goals provide means for the long-term evaluation of the sustainability of our business operations.

The goal is to achieve gender equality and strengthen the rights and opportunities for girls and women.

The goal is to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth and decent and productive work for all.

The goal is to ensure responsible consumption and production methods.

The goal is to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

The goal is to revitalize global partnership for sustainable development.



All companies in the Lehtipiste Group have the Key Flag symbol which signifies that a product or a service is of Finnish origin and that the employer provides employment opportunities in Finland.

All companies in the group are members of Rinki, a producer organisation responsible for recycling packaging materials.

Suomen Korttipiste Oy uses PEFC certification. The requirements of this certification are related to e.g. protection of forest biodiversity, maintaining forest health and growth, and recreational forest use.