Lehtipiste Group employs professionals of various fields of expertise. The current number of group employees, including all subsidiaries, totals approximately 200.

Lehtipiste as an employer


When Lehtipiste was founded over 110 years ago with the idea to provide for a nation of avid readers, its vision was put into motion by selling newspapers and magazines at newsstands on wheels at railway stations. Newsboys yelling “extra, extra” may be a thing of the past. However, we still deliver print media for those who want to smell the ink and enjoy content on a page, not on a screen. A printed page, what a lovely user interface! Newsstands on wheels have since given way to larger vehicles, and distribution is now covered by our 3,800 outlets nationwide. Meanwhile, our product portfolio has expanded to include books and collectibles.

Pakettipiste, part of Lehtipiste, specialised in tailored, time-critical delivery services and serving consumers with their parcel point network, ensures that the trucks transporting print media across the nation six days a week always have a full load to deliver. Loads include everything from car spare parts to online store parcels.

Other companies in the Lehtipiste Group include Suomen Korttipiste Oy which operates on the card and gift product market with well-known brands such as Paletti and Karto, and Putinki Oy, operating in the paper and gift product segment. As well as Hanart Oy, a Finnish wholesale company, which imports high-quality brands for arts, crafts as well as interior design.

Our people

The Lehtipiste Group employs about 200 people, united by our passion for our work, putting our customers first, and respecting our co-workers. Even under tight deadlines, there is plenty of joyful banter. And even if we make mistakes every now and then, they present an opportunity to learn – even if it may be a bit of a bummer when you are the one who messes up. We have obviously done something right though because our employee turnover is low. Each year we hand out Chamber of Commerce milestone awards for 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years of service. Naturally, we also have employees who are just starting their career at Lehtipiste. This mix of experience and fresh ideas makes for a fine work community, one capable of exceeding expectations and creating new innovations.

Lehtipiste headquarters are located in Vantaa, Finland. We also have offices in Jyväskylä, Tampere, Järvenpää and on Hämeentie in Helsinki. What’s more, we employ personnel responsible for customer relationship management on a daily basis everywhere in the nation.

The majority of our staff consists of permanent, full-time employees. It goes without saying that we are in compliance with legislation and the collective labour agreement, which in our case is the commercial sector’s collective agreement.

Here are some of the job titles of our professionals: Key Account Manager, Graphic Designer, Accounting Specialist, Logistics Specialist, Logistics Worker, Sales Representative, Sales Assistant, Sales Negotiator, Product Assistant and Product Manager. That’s just a few examples, we have many more – each as valuable as the ones above.

If you wish to join our ranks, see below for vacancies. In addition to interesting duties, salary that meets the demands of the job, and colleagues that are both lovely and professional, you get to enjoy our proven personnel benefits.

Open positions

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