Whistleblowing channel

We want to be responsible, transparent and reliable. This is why we have made a whistleblowing channel available.

Whistleblowing channel is a tool that can be used to report suspected abuse and other violations confidentially. The reporting channel may be used to report irresponsible activity, abuse or misconduct observed in the Lehtipiste Group. We address any irregularities as quickly as possible.

At Lehtipiste, we require the entire organisation and all our employees to follow our ethical principles and legislation at work. See here for Lehtipiste’s ethical principles.

Our daily work is guided by Lehtipiste Group’s ethical principles (Code of Conduct) that are based on Lehtipiste’s values and the international principles of the UN Global Compact. We are committed to corporate social responsibility, environmental responsibility and social responsibility in our operations. The codes of Lehtipiste Group’s ethical principles commit our group’s entire personnel to these shared values and principles. Every Lehtipiste Group employee has a responsibility to comply with the ethical principles in their daily work.

Reporting irresponsible activity or suspected abuse

A link on the page opens Lehtipiste parent company Tradeka’s reporting form that can be used to report your observations and suspicions. Include as many details regarding your observation as possible. You can also add attachments to your report, including images. By default, the report is anonymous but the submitter may provide their contact information if they so choose.

Each case is processed confidentially, and the service used by Tradeka is secure and encrypted. No personally identifiable information is transmitted via the channel. To ensure confidentiality, the channel is provided by an external service provider. The submitter gets an anonymous user ID and password to subsequently log into the service and communicate with the persons processing the report.

A report can be filed by any employee suspecting abuse as well as any Lehtipiste stakeholder, such as a partner. No evidence of suspected misconduct is required for launching an investigation by the assigned, independently working persons.


Submit a report here.

Please note that the channel is dedicated to reporting irresponsible activity or suspected abuse. The channel is not intended for other communications or for submitting customer feedback or complaints.