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Our offering includes over 1,200 magazines and 200 newspapers, along with books, calendars, maps, collectibles and other current items, such as toys.

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When Lehtipiste was founded over 110 years ago with the idea to provide for a nation of avid readers, its vision was put into motion by selling newspapers and magazines at newsstands on wheels at railway stations. Newsboys yelling “extra, extra” may be a thing of the past. However, we still deliver print media for those who want to smell the ink and enjoy content on a page, not on a screen.

We want to cater to your reading interests, at your terms. Our broad selection is available at Lehtipiste outlets in stores and kiosk newsstands across Finland. Our selection includes a variety of publications from major brands to smaller special interest magazines – from Finland and abroad. We also have books, along with many other collectibles and items.

Are you looking for a specific product? With our search feature, you can find your product, outlets that carry it, and its date of publication. If you want your favourite newspaper or magazine fresh off the press, opt in for a release notification that is sent to your e-mail on the day of publication. Go to each product’s individual page to opt in for a release notification.

Interested in interior design? Or fashion? Cars, perhaps? Wellbeing? On our website, magazines are categorised by topic. This makes it easier to browse the content available in your area of interest. You can find information and entertainment from both Finnish and international publishers. Check out our new items this season as well!

We have a wide selection of Finnish morning and afternoon papers along with a variety of foreign papers, each filled with topical news of the day. We also have a wide range of books, such as pocketbooks, graphic novels, activity books for children and many others. Thrills, information and entertainment for every taste. You can also turn to us for the hottest trading cards: Pokémon, football, hockey, and others. Not to mention the latest in toys, maps and calendars.


Here is a collection of our most frequently asked questions. Hopefully, they help you find an answer. If not, please contact us directly. You can find our contact information here.


How do I find a local Lehtipiste outlet?

We distribute to 3,800 outlets across Finland, so you never have to go far to get your reading on. You can find the nearest Lehtipiste outlet using the map available on our homepage.

Please note that the selection at the outlets can vary. See each product page for the nearest Lehtipiste outlets that carry the specific product. Please note that the inventory for each product does not update so we cannot guarantee availability.


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