Product introduced to Lehtipiste’s selection

Our selection includes single-issue copies of magazines and newspapers from Finland and abroad, along with books, collectibles and many other products.

Our selection includes single-issue copies of magazines and newspapers from Finland and abroad, along with books, collectibles and many other products. We currently distribute approximately 1,200 magazines and 200 newspapers. We have about 4,200 outlets across Finland, in grocery stores, departments stores, kiosks, service station stores and specialty stores. The majority of our annual sales are generated at the stores of various grocery groups.

Our distribution process is compatible with many products, and our selection, including suppliers, is increasingly varied. We are happy to provide the services of our cost-efficient process for new products.

While Lehtipiste takes care of all other selection management, store chains can choose whether they want to introduce any upcoming new products to their selection. Built to be both current and varied, selection management also considers, among other things, the sales history and the space available for each store.

Single-copies are sold through consignment according to agreed commission terms. Stores can opt to return any unsold copies and get a reimbursement with the next invoice. The publisher retains ownership of their product until it is sold to the consumer. The publisher determines the selling price for each product.

When distribution for a product is agreed upon, an agreement for selling and distributing the product is made for either a fixed or an indefinite term. An agreement with Lehtipiste is possible for businesses with a business ID. Deploying a new product for single-copy distribution is a process that takes approximately two months.

Lehtipiste´s strengths

  • Nationwide distribution network.
  • Nationwide sales team, experienced selection management team and efficient customer service.
  • Decades of experience in selection management, single-copy sales and partnerships between retail and publishers.
  • Current and varied selections at various outlets, considering the differences in customers and locations and the space available at the store.
  • Commitment to corporate responsibility efforts and in terms of its own operations, Lehtipiste’s goal is to reach carbon neutrality by 2030.

Consignment services include

  • Negotiating and paying out retailer sales commissions, i.e. retail and wholesale commissions.
  • Customer contact management for retail conglomerates, chains and retail trade.
  • Orientation for the staff at outlets.
  • Promoting the interests of product group in the competition between commodity groups in retail trade.
  • Installing standardised display racks at outlets, developed and procured by Lehtipiste.
  • Onboarding new partners on single-copy sales.
  • Product-related communications.
  • Distribution planning.
  • Picking and outlet-specific bundling at the dispatch centre on the Lehtipiste picking date.
  • Transport from dispatch centre to outlets on the Lehtipiste distribution date.
  • Delivering newspaper placards with the product to outlets for included campaigns.
  • Returns for unsold products.
  • Retailer invoicing and sales ledger management.
  • Publisher payments are settled.
  • Customer segment and product-specific standard reports.

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