Score, Lucy: Things We Hide from The Light

Police Chief Nash Morgan is known for two things: being a good guy and the way his uniform accentuates his rear end.. But two bullets put a dent in his Southern charm and now he’s facing a criminal still on the loose and a town full of citizens that consider the law more of a ‘guideline’. The last thing he needs is the leggy, smart-mouthed Lina Solavita moving in next door, making him feel things he doesn’t have the energy to feel. Lina is on a mission. As soon as she gets what she’s after, she has no intention of sticking around. The town of Knockemout has other ideas. Soon she finds herself sucked into small-town life. Dog-sitting. Saying yes to a bridesmaid’s dress. Listening to the sexy chief of police in the shower. But when Nash discovers Lina’s secret these friends become furious enemies – though the sparks flying between them don’t know the difference between love and hate.

16,90 €

Tuotteen nimi Score, Lucy: Things We Hide from The Light
Numero -
Ilmestynyt 05.09.2023
Poistuu 30.12.2026
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EAN-koodi 6414886693906
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