Happy summer!

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Summer comes every year. In the nature, its arrival is signalled by longer days, higher temperatures and flourishing flora. Summerhouses, boats and barbecues are all an essential part of summer, and many recreational events as well as celebrations take place outdoors. Summer vacation is a good time to rest and recover. Some of us like to relax by exercising or doing chores at the summerhouse, while others take it easy and simply recharge their batteries.

The arrival of summer is also evident on magazine shelves as the sales of print products and collectibles go up. Summer cuisine and the barbecue season are featured not only in garden magazines but also newspapers and other magazines. Housing fair and travel magazines are hot items, offering great tips for both domestic and foreign travel. The paperback shelf is full of suspense, romance and fantasy at a low price. Comic books, Donald Duck pocketbooks and collectibles provide fun and varied entertainment for kids. In the summer, people also find time for crafts and crosswords. In this genre, there are magazines for all skill levels.

In our card offering, Karto’s, Paletti’s and Putinki’s assortments of cards and packing materials provide all you need to give the final touch to your seasonal gifts.

We at Lehtipiste do our best to answer the demand at each outlet. We would like to thank our publisher partners for their great summer products and our retail partners for actively displaying our print products at their outlets during the summer season. Let’s join forces and make this a great summer for the sales of print products and collectibles!


Ville Melkko
Commercial Director
Lehtipiste Oy