Summer is the high season for magazines, paperbacks and collectibles

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Rain or shine, summer is the high season for magazines, paperbacks and collectibles. Magazine shelves become a point of interest to people on vacation, so the seasonal opportunities should be fully capitalised on. A wide selection of joy, knowledge, eye candy and things to do – for every summer day if need be.

The magazine shelf provides a break for a story: massive special issues, brain teasers for crossword fans, interesting profile features, tips for updating your summer wardrobe, well-being tips, delicious cooking and baking instructions, inspiration for interior design and garden updates, sweet crafting and knitting advice, trip and holiday destinations, cars and boats and much, much more. Magazines keep you up to date on topical issues both home and abroad. For the little ones in the family, there are various activity and children’s magazines, not to mention the super fun Donald Duck pocketbooks.

For collectors, the shelves are steadily restocked with novelties. In June, it’s the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Paldea Evolved, and in July, Dragon Ball Universal manga collectible cards. The Women’s World Cup, taking place in the summer, keeps all football-related collectibles in high demand.

And of course, the pinnacle of a great summer day is a paperback with a great story. The paperback shelf is stacked with suspense, romance and intriguing biographies.


Pokemon Scarlet & Violet window display at Turku, Akateeminen Kirjakauppa.